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is iraq. it's just the twin sister. it's a ba'athist regime ruling a multiethnic society. iraq had a sunnii minority rulig a shiite majority with kurds and other minorities on the side. syria has a shiite minority ruling a sunni majority with kurds and other minorities. they are mirror images of each other. now, what happened in iraq was we pulled the pin. we removed the dictator at the top and that led to an explosion sand what american did in iraq was the geopolitical equivalent >> rose: we weren't prepared for what would happen after we removed the pin. >> but then we did the geopolitical equivalent of falling on a grenade. we absorbed the entire explosion. we iraqis most of all. i'm saying our presence there prevented it from becoming a regional conflagration. and we then presided over-- largely because of mistakes originally-- but in many cases it was probably inevitable a civil war as the parties contested the new balance of power. we let them each test each other. they finally reached a point of exhaustion and balance. we then midwife add social contract between them and on
by kurdish militants on bases near the southeastern border with syria and iraq. >> 100 guerrillas took part in the operation, the latest in a growing number of attacks. they have also kidnapped turkish government officials in the last few weeks. >> the outlawed pkk attack under the cover of night near the iraq border. some 100 militants launched the attack, shooting at security posts with grenade launchers and machine guns. the clash went on for three hours. after daybreak, a turkish security forces cordoned off the area. seven were wounded. 10 were killed. about 10 members of the pkk killed as well. a car bomb blamed on them killed 10 people including civilians. there has been a sharp increase between fighting groups. they fear the group is gaining strength. they held a memorial for the soldiers. their bodies were flown out by helicopter. >> for the latest, let's go live to tomas in istanbul. how serious is the situation after this? the usually launched large scale offenses in the wake of the type of attacks. >> it has been the same case right now. the sophistication of the latest pkk atta
in specifics about his foreign policy goals. >> i will end this war in iraq responsibly and finish the fight against al qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. >> four years later, u.s. troops are indeed out of iraq. >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation "iraqi freedom" is over and the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> in afghanistan, he stepped up troop levels, unleashed drone strikes in pakistan and yemen and rounded up top terrorists including the one whose attack started a decade of war. >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda, and a terrorist who's responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. >> yet with all of these successes, republicans are still trotting out the same line of criticism that the president has not been a strong leader on the international stage. >> unfortunately, for four years, for four years, we've drifted away from our proude
. he took out assignments like iraq, haiti, and let the dog. he needs time to draw up his own plan. >> i don't have a plan yet. i don't want to pretend that i have things that do not work. i wish it were possible via bouncing to stop the fighting. it doesn't work that way. dodge the parting advice was that the president had to step down. coming under criticism from syria opposition groups. they're calling for fundamental change. >> change is unavoidable. governments accepted have otherwise they will have problems. about how to resolve deepening crisis, and the past, this a blunt mediator resigned when he did not get the support he needed. if he doesn't get it this time, he doesn't have a job. for now, his job is to talk to as many people as possible. he is also lowering expectations to what we can achieve. >> i spoke in new york just a short time ago. and you think he took on what he told you was a nearly impossible task? >> he did hesitate for a few days. he had qualms about taking on such a difficult assignment and he had been in constant touch with his very good friend. he knew
skirt about it foreign policy in his speech. in iraq, where my son served for a year, we lost 4488 fallen angels. 32,227 wounded over 16,000 requiring care for the rest of their lives. romney said it was a mistake to end that war by bringing all of our warriors home. in afghanistan, we have lost 1980 fallen angels as of yesterday. i'm precise because every single one of those lives deserves a recognizing. god only knows what happened in the last 24 hours. [applause]. as of yesterday, 17,382 of our warriors have been wounded, some mortal. romney thought the decision that the president of the united states, we have 50 allies working with us, nato and other countries in afghanistan. the president organized them. all 50 of them said, it time to set a date to hand over responsibility to the afghans and bring our 90,000 troops home. [applause]. what did romney say? he said that was a mistake. look i seen these warriors. i have traveled in and out of the afghanistan and iraq over 20 times. i've seen these men and women. i've been up in the operating base above the mountains and above the
been on two previous tours in iraq. he leaves behind a wife and parents from his hometown in edgewater. at 9:45 the motorcade escorting his body appeared on the horizon. people crowded close to the curb to see lently watch it pass. it went on like -- to see lently watch it pass. it went on like -- to silently watch it pass. it went on like this for two hours including black trained fire trucks, a patriot guard of bikers and hundreds of mourners. >> making me cry a little bit. he gave the ultimate sacrifice and that needs to be honored. >> reporter: the helicopter crash feeks died in among the deadliest that's occurred in the afghan war. in all 11 people were killed, seven of them americans. other familiars from florida to california are mourning in similar fashion this holiday weekend. in edgewater, scott broom, 9 news now. >> feeks will be buried in arlington after a funeral at ft. myer chapel wednesday. >>> this just in, word that michael clark duncan has died. the actor had been hospitalized since july when he had a heart attack. his credits include the green mile, armageddon and t
of duty in iraq. while this type of oncoming is not what the committee wanted, their hearts and thoughts are with the feeks family. >> just grateful that people care and love him enough and don't even know it to be there. it is indescribable, releally. >> a viewing will be held for petty officer first class feeks tomorrow print is funeral will be at arlington national cemetery and will -- and he will be laid to rest with full military honors. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> people in beverly hills were jolted awake by an earthquake. it hit around 3:30 this morning, sending many celebrities to twitter. it appears that the earth requests the topic of, say -- the earthquake was the topic of conversation, and a pretty shallow earthquake. a 4000-acre brush fire in the san gabriel mountains. the flames are only about 5% been tainted and structures are in -- contain. no structures are in danger, although people have been evacuated. a 100-foot-long 36-foot high section of the great wall of china suffered massive flooding. it was restored back in 1996. crews are going to rebuild and reinforce the
the question, yes, we are better off, bin laden is dead, detroit is alive, getting out of iraq, what's the problem, but yesterday it seems like crimi l criminal. i'm like what are you talking about, you are not helping, are you a secret agent? >> seemed like they couldn't coordinate either. >> totally not expecting it, which is weird. >> there are four answers to the obvious question. you were a candidate, don't your surrogates know this question is coming and we coordinate how to answer this very obvious question, which is central to the question of the election? >> well, i think that is the part that is unforgivable, not anticipating it and having an answer ready to go that everybody knows, but in fairness, i do think it's a tough question to answer. if you look at the metrics, four years ago we were in free fall. the economy was a disaster, people were terrified. no question looking at the metrics things are better, but people don't feel like things are better, so the answer is, yes, but you don't want to give that answer and feel like you're out of touch. and to that point, you
as much as i wanted but i went to cuba, and yugoslavia, and iraq to bring the soldiers back. i always took the boy, that is what i do. they have a great sense of social consciousness and people's sensitivity. whether it is one of the boys or daughters, they have an amazing sense of foreign politics. >>neil: i always thing about guys like you in the public spotlight as trailblazers whether people agree or disagree but and this president and his role as a dad, it is hard to juggle all of that. >>guest: you think about the great ballplayers, following that are parents, it is good to have role models, so if there must be pressure, have it be pressure up, not down. >>neil: do you think the ticket is under pressure? that it is dead even in the polls, make therepublicans gout a bounce and maybe the democrats got a bounce it and is dead even but not a place an incumbent wants to be. >>guest: he has had tremendous odds including fighting right to vote the most fundamental of all rights. we are in north carolina, this is the new south, a new south because the manies and civil rights activists were s
, the which neither side has talked to, is the empty chair of the man or woman that didn't come home from iraq. their husband or wife is gone or daughter is gone. it's the empty chair of a woman working two shifts because she doesn't have flex time. who will provide that for her? it's the empty chair of a grandfather with alzheimer's that can't be there because they're in a home and the family can't manage them. >> i wonder if both campaigns are listening tonight. do democrats have an advantage after hearing what the republicans said in their own convention? >> president obama gets to spend the week trying to fill clint eastwood's chair. national security and foreign policy almost unmentioned last week at the republican convention. those are areas where president obama feels he has a natural advantage as the commander in chief. >> as you saw this weekend, the white house releasing the behind-the-scenes images of their micro brewed beer there. a lot of political strategists suggesting there's micro targeting of voters. >> a beer is not just a beer, micro targeting, around white working class vo
villa rigosa. >> the president has gotten us out of iraq. we are getting out of afghanistan. we've got tree trade agreements in latin america. we have a president that brilliantly dealt with the situation in libya. i think what this president has done is restored our prestige abroad. >> reporter: then there is the clinton question. why is the former president taking a prime time role? >> what president clinton will say is if you are looking for a president that can grow the middle class, move away from the policies of the past, then barack obama is your guy. >> reporter: all this begins monday and then some say the real race for the white house gets going. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> we still have plenty ahead. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. starts now. >>> live look outside at the wilson bridge, monday, september 3rd, 2012. >> look how quiet it is. >> i know. it is a holiday. happy monday and happy holiday. >> time to welcome in tucker barnes who is not on vacation. >> but i'm still asleep. >> busy weekend in some spots. >> we had very heavy rain. thunderstorms across p
said he loved being a navy seal. he had already completed two tours in iraq and was in afghanistan since last december. >> he was just proud and very very happy. >> today feeks will come home to edgewater for the last time from dover air force base when a procession makes its way along route 50 and route 2. residents are encouraged to lineup language the route with flags to honor him. >> come out and show respect for what they are doing and what they have done. >> that procession is expected to get to the route 2 area in edgewater between 9:30 and 10:00 10:00. the funeral will be here at arlington cemetery on wednesday. >> it is 5:07. the democratic national convention kicks off today with meetings and labor day festival in charlotte, north carolina. president obama and vice president joe biden visiting swing states before they accept the nomination later this week. biden campaigned in pennsylvania and wisconsin and the president went after mitt romney in iowa and comlorado. >> if you didn't d.v.r. it i will recap it for you. everything was bad. it is obama's fau
, but these are tax cuts. look at how much of our debt is because of tax cuts. look, these are wars right here in iraq and afghanistan. that also began before he was the president. this is the economic downturn. the crisis actually really hurt the economy and helped rack up debt. and this, fannie, freddie, this little line here, this is t.a.r.p. this is the bailout kind of stuff. and this is stimulus right here, and this is the debt that we would have from all the other policies, anyway. so, it's so interesting to look that it is republican and democratic policies that led us here, but some of these are more aligned with republican policies that helped rack up that credit card, and that's why i think you're going to be hearing more from this week, zoraida, you'll be hearing a lot more about that from democrats this week. >> yeah, see how they continue to spin the argument here, right? one side versus the other. thank you, christine. >> you're welcome. >> let's head to john berman in charlotte for the democratic convention, where they'll be talking a lot about this. >> they are. and that graph was real
in iraq was tragic. i said we would go after al qaeda. we did. i said we would take out osama bin laden. we did. our troops are out of iraq. we are bringing them home. as long as i am commander in chief, we will serve our veterans as well as a surge us. no one who fights for this country should have to fight for a job when they come home. that is why i am running for a second term. we have some big choices we have to make. the other side is going to spend the next two months. and they're fighting back with everything they got. they are going to get your an avalanche of insults and distraction. they may massage the truth a little bit. they will be supportive of him million-dollar checks from wealthy owners. they know even if you do not buy into their plan, even if you do not vote for them, maybe we will discourage people and give people so disillusioned by all negativity that you will decide to sit this one out. do you know what? i am counting on you. i am counting on you. if you're not registered to vote, you have to go to gotta if you want to find out h
quarters four years ago. we now only have one war, because we ended the war in iraq. we were -- now we've added 3.5 million new jobs, the stock market was at 6600, the dow four -- and now it's at 13,000. it's doubled. we've gotten rid of osama bin laden. we've actually been able to rescue the auto industry, and i think the campaign has to be more proactive saying we have done a lot, and stop apologizing for it. this is a country that's been through a lot since the bush administration, we've been able to weather that storm because of president obama's letter. >> joy ann, a statement in "the washington post" was made that obama did not change washington. who is to blame for any inaction during the president's first term? should he be the sole person responsible for this? even though we can pull up the video of everyone on the right, let's make this a one-term president. doesn't that just stand in the way of a regular old americans coming back? >> i think that is one of the sort of the most maddening arguments, barack obama said he would bring everyone together. we know from thomas draper
governor romney's solution makes sense, to send american troops. we do not need another iraq or afghanistan. this is a very serious situation. but we have to weigh what u.s. presidents do to the syrian opposition. it could hurt them. the population, there, doesn't want it but, at the same time, we have to stand behind the people that are getting killed. turkey and saudi arabia need to open up humanitarian corridors. the international community has to tighten sanctions. but anything at the u.n. is tough because of russia and china vetoing any initiative to tighten the sanctions. we are in a quandary. the best development, as i see, the internal process in syria is turning against assad. he is losing support as people are leaving. >>shepard: they are leaving the country, not him. you read in major newspapers over the weekend that people are having as they come in and mow over their towns they are going to the refugee camps had jordan and other places and dropping off their families and coming back to fight. >>guest: but his top people, assad's top generals, we are seeing defectors. you are se
iraq. our movement has made the new south possible and prosperous for all. >> remember harvey gantt, mayor of this city, african-american. he ran against jesse, the other jesse. and they had a tv ad, a guy with white hands ripping up the pink slip saying you needed that job. >> yes. >> does that still go on? >> he paved the way for barack obama in 2008 and anthony fox in 2009. sometimes, we have to have a pioneer who helps people understand that we are not running these races to represent just one part of the society. we're running these races because we want to be judged by the concept and not by the color of our skin. >> boeing and airbus come to -- the civil rights movement. these jobs would have gone north. once the bearers came down, why has it benefitted the civil rights? it hurts when you see poor people who are -- medicare. and when carolina plays a big football game, because -- >> you know what's changed in democratic convention politics? >> it used to be the guy who gave the webest speech lost. teddy kennedy in 1980 and jesse jackson in 1984 and in 1998. this time, the guy
by the thousands and getting out whatever way they can. turkey, iraq, jordan, lebanon. it's creating crisis along these borders. turkeying is bearing the brunt of it all. more than 80,000 registered there. close to 229,000 refugees have left syria since the uprising began and nic robertson is on turkish borders. >> reporter: some of the cars have been packed out with clothes, possession, suitcases, blankets stuffed into the kars. we've seen mattresses tied to the roofs. every space taken up by baggage or people getting out of the country. on the other side of the border about a few hundred meters away there are about 4 to 5,000 families living in the open waiting for an opportunity to come in. they are building three more camps. they say those will be ready in a couple of weeks. they will be able to house about 30,000 people. however, already inside turkey there are about 17 to 20,000 people living in schools, living in government buildings. the schools go back in a couple of weeks and the government will need to pry yioritize those new camp spaces. they will be two-thirds full by the refugees in
. what he briefly said about foreign policy in his speech -- in iraq, where my son served, we lost fallen angels. 32,227 wounded. 16,000 requiring care for the rest of their lives. romney said it was a mistake to end that war by bringing home our workers. in afghanistan, we have lost 1980 fallen angels as of yesterday. i am precise because every single one of those lives deserves recognition. god only knows what happened in those last 24 hours. [cheers and applause] as of yesterday, 17,382 boris have been wounded -- of our warriors have been wounded. romney thought of the decision of the president of the united states, we have other countries working with us, nato and afghanistan. the president organized it. all 50 of them said it is time to hand over responsibility to the afghans and bring our 90,000 troops home. what did romney say? he said, that was a mistake. i have seen these warriors. i have traveled in and out of afghanistan and iraq over 20 times. i have seen these kids -- not kids, i have seen these men and women. i have been in the operating base above the mountains and the vall
there in afghanistan and iraq. >>> on the jobs numbers i think it was a little over stated the effect. people are much more in tune with how they feel fwhings. they don't tell them there aren't enough jobs they already know that. one thing i would not underestimate is bill clinton's speech. it is the most anticipated speech more than obama's or romney's was. i wouldn't underestimate that good house keeping seal of approval from bill clinton and the effect it has son so many voters. >> good house keeping. >> that is so remarkable because you look at these two presidents the early trajectory were similar big help am biambition d big healthcare. with clinton it never passed. washout in the mid term election. clinton took the opposite decision from the one that obama made. bill clinton made a big turn to the center worked with the republicans made concessions like mad on budgetary and tax matters all of the things that barack obama had the opportunity to do but refused to do. clinton when he was up for reelection the economy was moving wasn't moving as much as it would soon come to but it was strong. he w
or woman that didn't come home from iraq, people are sitting around the table, their wife, daughter is gone. the woman who has to work two shifts. isn't able to have flex time. empty chair of a grandfather with alzheimers can't be there, because the family can't manage them. >> reporter: the white house on a lighter note released recipe for the secret brew of the white house, beer recipe. an effort to reach white working class voters. the secret to the election, perhaps, president obama trying to sent message he is ready to occupy the seat next to you even if it is a bar stool. rick klein, abc news, charlotte. >> cheers. >> good stuff. >> bottom up. thank you, mr. president. speak of the president and serious news. the president will travel to louisiana today to see firsthand the aftermath of hurricane isaac. hundreds of thousand of homes and businesses still have no power this morning. nearly a week after the storm hit. many people are still being kept from their homes because of all of the widespread flooding in parts of the state. those who have been able to go home, still face misery on
returned from iraq, those were good nights, axelrod said. jobs, jobs, jobs. romney said he would produce 12 million new jobs with a 5-step plan that includes unspecified tax cuts, domestic energy independence, deficit reduction and repeal of obama's health care law. democrats will point, steady growth in jobs on the president's watch while not enough would be boosted if republicans would support his jobs act, still languishing on capitol hill. another issue that the democrats will be focusing on includes the deficit and the debt. paul ryan, rand paul and mitch mcconnell were just three of the headliners who hammered obama on the rate of federal spending and size of the national debt, the fact that the obama administration is overseeing the addition of more than 5 trillion to the federal debt was a favorite applause line. paul pointed out that the u.s. gross debt just under 16 trillion is now on par with gdp. and taxes, energy, obama air, medicare, mel care reform are some of the issues addressed in charlotte this week by the democrats, according to the national journal. again, president oba
on the floor of the house against the war in afghanistan, as i did against the war in iraq. amy goodman: you voted in-three days after september 11, 2001, to give president bush the authority to retaliate in a vote that was 420 to 1. you have described it was one of your toughest votes. talk about how you decided to do that. rep. john lewis: i was very disturbed about what happened on 9/11. and when i look back on it, if i had to do it all over again, i would have voted with barbara lee. it was raw courage on her part. so, because of that, i don't vote for funding for war. i vote against preparation for the military. i will never again go down that road. amy goodman: and what do you say to those who say, "then you're not supporting the military. you're not supporting the soldiers, the troops"? rep. john lewis: i support the soldiers. when i see young men in uniform, i say, "thank you for your service." and i tell them, "i want all of you to come home." i tell them to their faces. i see them in the airports. i see them in washington. i say, "it's time for you to come home." amy goodman: presi
, afghanistan, iraq, what they've come back to. what was interesting about the center is how many veterans went back to the korean war, vietnam, the gulf war of 15-20 years ago. a lot of the people were on the verge of losing their houses. one of the great myths out there was a social policy putting people in houses who shouldn't have been. yes, i'm sure there was some of that. here's guys who owned houses for years, many of them who had been tricked by exotic mortgages that mortgage companies were selling it because of the fees and what they could make from it. we remember when we bought our first houses. you had to mortgage your first born child to get a mortgage. in the last ten years, it was flipped because there was money made in fees and bundle them with stock instruments. was that regulation? no, this was not regulation at all. >> guest: wall street demanded more and more of the bundled mortgages because they had a market for them. >> host: are you saying that market dinism doesn't work for the american middle class anymore? >> guest: not the way it's been played out now because what kin
for the young men and women who fought over there in afghanistan and iraq. i think that was a mistake. >> chris: kirsten? >> on the jobs numbers i think it is a little overstated the effect. i think people are much more in tune with how they feel about things. they don't need anybody to tell them there aren't enough jobs. they already know that. one thing i would not underestimate is bill clinton's speech. it is the most anticipated speech more than even obama's or romney's was according could pugh. i wouldn't underestimate the good house keeping seal of approval from bill clinton and the effect it has on voters. >> good house keeping. [ laughter ] >> that is so remarkable. because you you look at these two presidents who took the early trajectory of whose administrations were quite similar. big ambitious healthcare programs and in clinton's case never passed and big washout in the mid term election and bill clinton made the opposite decision of how to react to that from the one barack obama made. made a big turn to the center and worked with the republican ares and made concessions like mad. a
that he promised in 2008 that we will talk about here. the end of the war in iraq. he broke the back of al qaeda. we're drawing down our troops in afghan stafn. let's not forget that he killed bin laden. those are real promises in 2008. another promise in 200 is how we were going to strengthen the middle class. because the middle class suffered from this recession but they've been suffering for a long time. decades of policies that left them behind. that's the one thing that has been driving the president over the course of the last four years. you know, that's why we passed the ledbetter act so that women could be equal bread winners for their middle class families across the country. that's why we passedded health care reform to make sure that people's economic security didn't depend on their health security. we are going to be running on our ideas. we're going to be running on our path forward. we're very much looking forward to thursday night. >> woodruff: when one of your main democratic services asked is the country better off today than it was four years ago he said no. was he off m
moments -- many are bashing last week's show in tampa. >> he said it was a mistake to end the war in iraq and bring our warriors home. shed it was a mistake that set a mandate for our warriors in afghanistan and bring them home. >> reporter: and it's chatter over one of the most memorable moments of the convention goes on. that conversation between clint eastwood and the empty chair representing president obama with the president saying yesterday, he's still a huge clint eastwood fan. >> it has been dubbed the clint moment already. thank you, cecilia vega. for more, we go to jake tapper in washington. good morning, jake. >> good morning, lara, how are you? >> good. i want to start with the incident with the two allegedly drunken delegates. certainly, not the way the obama campaign would want to start this week. is it a big deal? >> no, i don't think it's a big deal. we have to remember, we think of conventions, political conventions, as ways for politicians and parties to present their case to the american people. for thousands of delegates, these are conventions like any other. that mean
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 61 (some duplicates have been removed)